Welcome to the Official Rockbitch Archives and website...

If you search engine ROCKBITCH you get a lot of untruths and erroneous interpretations about who we were, what we did and why. This site is to put the record straight.

Maybe you knew of us at the time and were a fan, maybe you were quite the opposite! Maybe you've found this site by accident and never heard of us. Maybe you liked the music but not the sexuality, maybe you liked the tits and couldn't give a damn about the message! Whatever your maybe and whatever you think you know... HERE are all the writings and images that were previously in the Rockbitch members-only site. Here will be the Official archives, and all kinds of obscurities and delights.

Before you ask - No, Rockbitch will NOT be reforming and playing live, although as time goes on there will be the long awaited second album and new DVD available. A consolation!

Welcome old friends and fans and those who heard of Rockbitch through whichever underground gig or late night TV show, or sexual encounter. Welcome those who loved us from Alice Cooper to Annie Sprinkle.

Welcome even to those who misunderstood and hated us from Peaches to Blackie Lawless. We are still living the life and trying to open your minds...

Love, Babe